127 Hours Movie Review

127 Hours Movie Review

New Movie, 127 Hours, was directed by Danny Boyle who is known for “28 Days Later”, “Millions”, and “Slumdog Millionaire”. This new movie release is, like the aforementioned films, is a miraculous story of survival. It’s about Aron Ralson, the hiker who was trapped by a falling rock in a canyon in Utah. James Franco plays Aron.

There are lots of subjects in this film on the list of this year’s upcoming movies. They include the enjoyment of being alone as well as the struggles that come with it, the challenge that Aron faced and the joy of the moment when he was delivered from his challenge. It is, without question, a coming of age story.

It’s amazing that Boyle could make an action movie that centered around a man stuck between a rock and the ground. In fact, the sense of movement is amazing. Boyle uses the music by A.R. Rahman and the sound design by Glenn Fremantle and 127 different camera angles to create this feeling of movement.

Of the movies playing now, this is on the list of top 10 movies that are not for the fainthearted. At the apex of the movie Aron actually cuts off his own arm. It’s a hard scene to watch.

The movie is meant to put us in Aron’s shoes and feel what he feels, including fear, hope and excitement.

In the beginning of the movie, Aron is just seeking a thrill. He’s bicycling through Canyonlands National Park, fearing nothing. When he meets a couple of pretty girls who are hiking their way through the park he shows them how to drop between the edges of a crevasse and into a mountain pool.

At this point in the movie we are used to Aron’s enormous energy so that when he is suddenly trapped the audience freefalls. Aron is pulled back, with the audience, from the beautiful Utah views to the thoughts inside Aron’s head.

Aron’s imagination gets him out of his perilous situation. He has no one to rely on but himself. He never told anyone where he was going and refused to answer telephone calls from his mother. “127 Hours” is a satisfying movie from beginning to end.

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