2 Days in New York Movie Review

2 Days in New York Movie Review

Julie Delpy’s new movie is trying really hard to make us laugh—too hard in fact. 2 Days in New York is definitely nowhere near the caliber of its predecessor 2 Days in Paris, but if you liked the first movie then you will be able to stomach this one; just don’t go in with high expectations.

Aside from one-liners that seem hopelessly out of place, the main problem with 2 Days in New York is that it feels aimless and formless. And not in an avant-garde kind of way.

Chris Rock co-stars as Marion’s (Delpy) attentive boyfriend, Mingus, and the two are living together with her child from a previous relationship. Basically, Marion has jumped the romantic ship she was sailing with Adam Goldberg in 2 Days in Paris and has taken their kid with her.

The plot thickens when Marion’s nutty family shows up for a visit; Franco-American hilarity should ensue, but something is amiss. Marion’s sex-obsessed sister (Alexia Landeau) is funny, her father (Albert Delpy) is amusing, and Rock is his comic self, but none of them and none of what they do and say seem to really mesh. Furthermore, predictable jokes and banter leave viewers longing for the wit and wisdom of Delpy’s earlier films.

2 Days in New York is still a film worth seeing, but don’t expect to be impressed and be prepared to be hit over the head with clichés. It is not one of the best new movies of the summer, but there are still enough fun moments for you to keep it on your to-see list.

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