2 Days in New York Movie Trailer

2 Days in New York Trailer 2

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  1. Pankaj says:

    Honestly, I think trailers are much more efcevtife for the MG/YA market. My publisher made a trailer for the first Hallowmere book that went over really well w/teens* (although it terrified one teen in Malaysia, apparently). We also had a trailer contest for teens to make their own Hallowmere trailer to win a Wii for their library. I had a blast seeing what they came up with and what scenes they chose that they thought were illustrative of the book. The adult trailers I’ve seen have been less efcevtife b/c they seem to strain credulity; the trailers’ functionality is limited by the very nature of the adult audience. Perhaps another medium or way of translating the book into images would be better for adults? *The trailer is still up on Youtube if anyone wants to peek.

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