21 Jump Street Movie Review

21 Jump Street Movie Review

Jonah Hill is so good at playing in ridiculous movies, and so sweet, that even the idiocy of the story can’t stand in the way of successful new movie 21 Jump Street. If you didn’t hate “Superbad” and put up with the original TV “21 Jump Street,” then you might love this new movie release. It’s about as fast as a movie trailer in characters and story. In fact this ridiculous speed keeps up throughout the entire film. Neither Hill nor co-star Channing Tatum make any progress whatsoever in their case when compared to the other guys on their team. It isn’t going to become a classic in the movie news but it’ll do well at the box office. Johnny Depp became a star thanks to the original show, although the rest of the stars weren’t so lucky. In this one of the year’s upcoming pictures Holly Robinson has a great cameo and Dustin Nguyen has a scene in the background of a gunfight. The TV shows promise came from the way it treated its stupid premise with seriousness. The police were not young but they were young looking and always got a little more involved emotionally with the cases and other characters than they should have. This happens in the movie but there are a lot of winks involved. In the movie, Hill and Tatum are rookies and have had one big, funny bust when their boss tells them that 21 Jump Street has been reprised because the people in the head office have no creativity.

Then they meet Captain Adam Fuller, once played by Steven Williams but now played by Ice Cube, who delivers all of his lines like he just finished a stint with Boyz in the Hood, because he just did. When Hill and Tatum go to school they figure out that all of the good students are cool and that all of the druggies who they’re there to arrest are very responsible brownnosers who get to do things like work on the yearbook. Hill and Tatum now switch roles. Hill gets in with the rich kids who are tolerant and all about ecology and Tatum figures out that the geeks get ridicule and know how to cause explosions. These kids say there’s no social stratas because of the show Glee. Both Hill and Tatum are only 7 years out of high school and feel like this is their second chance to do High School right, but high school has changed. Now there’s tweeting, texting, YouTube, and Facebook.

21 Jump Street is going to be popular with so many people – those who like the old show, those who like the stars, those who like spoofs, and those who enjoy everything else that’s mentioned throughout the movie. It does mock Glee but yet it also emulates Glee. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) work well together as directors. The script is cohesive and writers Hill and Michael Bacall enjoy playing off the realities of high school to build layers. For example, there’s a terrific chase scene in a Student Driver car and a terrible high school production of Peter Pan. Peter Pan makes you wonder if the cops want to be kids or they just look like they want to be kids. It’s a really great movie about adolescents!

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