A Little Bit of Heaven Movie Review

A Little Bit of Heaven Movie Review

It is a mystery where the creators of A Little Bit of Heaven got the idea that anyone wants to watch Kate Hudson dying from colon cancer, but that is exactly what this dramedy is all about: Kate Hudson’s cancerous butt. And it is nothing to either laugh or cry about.

The new movie from director Nicole Kassel is a tale of how the free-spirited modern woman still has an Achilles heel: her colon. Marley (Hudson) is an advertising exec that would have made a great 5th member of the Sex and the City circle: she is commitment-phobic, career driven, beautiful, funny and living it up in New Orleans. After some disturbing symptoms, she goes in to get her butt checked out and lo and behold! Colon cancer!

During Marley’s colonoscopy, she envisions herself in heaven and meets God in the form of Whoopi Goldberg; at this point she is granted three wishes (which will not be given away here). The remainder of the film is a realistic portrayal of what every woman goes through during chemotherapy: falling in love with the heartthrob physician (Gael Garcia-Bernal), working through family problems, getting visits from a dwarf male escort (Peter Dinklage); you know, the basics.

The Problem with A Little Bit of Heaven is that it can’t execute its tenuous task: make a heart-warming, funny yet simultaneously sad film about death. This is something that is not easily done, and Heaven is unable to leave the viewer feeling anything but annoyed and uncomfortable. The screenplay is miserable and the overall feel of the movie is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (another Hudson film) infused with cancer. The whole can-the-liberated-woman-learn-to-love-and-commit-before-it-is-too-late spiel is totally absurd to watch while that same woman is suffering through chemo. Whimsical, happy go lucky new movies about colon cancer aren’t worth the money; if you want to judge this film for yourself, wait until you can download it on iTunes.

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