All Good Things Movie Review

All Good Things Movie Review

New movie “All Good Thingsis about the disappearance of Katie Marks in 1982. In this new movie release, Katie is the blonde, beautiful wife of David Marks who is a member of a family who made millions developing real estate in midtown Manhattan. He also doesn’t mind shaking down rent from the creeps who run 42nd Street. Women disappear every day in Manhattan but due to her family connections, the disappearance of Katie Marks made big newspaper news at the time.

In Director Andrew Jarecki’s 2003 documentary movie about the same subject, “Capturing the Friedman’s,” Jarecki has the director act as the family therapist to Hollywood, pointing the finger at David and also at David’s childhood upbringing by his cold father, played by Frank Langella. It’s a good educated guess that this IS what happened to real life Katie Durst, after marrying into the Durst family.

This upcoming movie by Jarecki, though, plays as a soap opera. The facts are only as close as a lawyer would allow them to be. “All Good Things” is somewhat interesting and will get a little bit of attention and a smaller box office. Douglas Durst, brother of the accused, told The New York Times, in movie news, “Fortunately, this movie will be seen by so few people that litigation would be superfluous.”

David Marks (or Robert Durst) is played by Ryan Gosling. He was a “poor little rich boy” who witnessed his mother commit suicide when he was only seven years old. This story begins on his sixth birthday when his mother and the maids bring out a cake and his father sulks. Jarecki makes a quick switch to the adult tuxedo wearing David in a liquor store. The family has suffered a downturn that hasn’t hurt David’s brother and father but David is at his wit’s end.

Katie, played by Kirsten Dunst, is a blue collar girl from Long Island. In her eyes David is not the black sheep but her knight in shining armor and David sees this. As a matter of fact, Katie so admires David that it’s bound to break up their relationship. There’s no way that he can live up to her expectations and Jarecki recognizes that.

Jarecki can only go so far with this though. The real Katie is gone and Robert won’t talk. This puts Gosling and Dunst in a difficult position. They do just fine but they’re clichéd and never fully come to life. The character that Gosling plays is particularly unfettered and when his character derails one hardly notices. Langella is a guy who can be a waspy suit and hang out with the hoi polloi and still know a few sleazebags. Even after lots more blood and a few more bodies, it’s hard to tell what Jarecki’s point is with this movie.

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