As Good as Dead Movie Review

As Good as Dead Movie Review

As Good As Dead is promising to be a bomb as a box office movie and will do no better in the DVD market, where it’s going to be within four days of debuting on one screen in New York.

This new movie release is about kidnapping, torture and racism. In it, Cary Elwes is a New York City photographer who’s attacked at home. The kidnappers believe that he’s part of a gang who kidnapped a racist preacher from the South in 1999. The kidnappers are neo-Nazis. They torture Elwes to find out who else was in on the kidnapping.

The movies cast is quite impressive, considering how bad the movie is. Director Jonathan Mossek, in his first project, has recruited a high class cast for a very low budget movie. Frank Whaley plays the head torturer and Andie MacDowell is the widow of the preacher.

The scenery consists mostly of one room. This movie on the new movies list is probably attempting to drum up lots of psychological tension but there simply isn’t any.

There is the suggestion that there will be a twist and there is but it doesn’t occur until too late in the movie.

Wait a few days and you can see As Good As Dead on DVD. If you even want to.

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