The Avengers Blasts Box Office Records

The Avengers Blasts Box Office Records

A little bit of movie news: as predicted, the new The Avengers movie smashed and blasted its way through previous box office records, out-grossing reigning champion Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 by nearly $ 30 million its opening weekend.  The new Marvel/Disney production, which includes Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson in its star-studded cast, grossed around a whopping $575 million overall.  This inscribes the film’s name permanently on the list of the top action movies of the new century.

While The Avengers success is no doubt a product of its cast, crew and the international community’s general love of action films, it is important to note that rising ticket prices always help a new box office darling’s cause; records are made to be broken, and this is done much easier when prices inflate steadily over time.

Given The Avengers box office success, it is little wonder that a sequel is already in the works. Whether or not it will be a worthy follow-up is another matter, but you can be certain that the quality of the film won’t affect its surefire money-making prowess. Disney knows what it is doing.

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