Barry Munday Movie Review

Barry Munday Movie Review

New movie release, Barry Munday is about two very unappealing people and their unexpected pregnancy problems. It’s a very strange movie.

Patrick Wilson plays Barry, a guy who hangs out at TGI Fridays and tiki bars looking for a date. After one of those dates goes very, very, badly, Barry (now without testicles) starts to feel that he’s doing something wrong.

He’s quite shocked when he gets a letter from a lawyer that claims that he is the father of the unborn baby of a woman he doesn’t remember having met. Judy Greer plays Ginger Farley, who is not only amazingly homely but evil tempered as well. She doesn’t seem at all interested in child support but does want to lambaste Barry as often as possible for having his way with her while they were drunk.

The script of this upcoming movie, doesn’t give Ginger much motivation but makes Barry seem sensible when he insists that he wants to be involved with his unborn child. He knows that this is his last chance at fatherhood, considering his unfortunate lack of testicles, so he also decides to give up his wild ways. It’s hard to take any of this seriously as the costumes by Frank Helmer are a little over the top and the production design by Paul Oberman is equally unusual.

Chris D’Arienzo is the director of the movie on the new movies list. He’s made some poor choices with the music in the movie. The songs are tacky and the choice of groups, like Styx, has really been overdone in other movies.

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