Battleship Movie Review

Battleship Movie Review

Battleship is by no means a ground-breaking sc-fi film, but if you are looking for high action smash-ups and blow-ups then you won’t be disappointed. What the new movie’s plot lacks in plausability and efficiency, is more than made up for in high-octane fun.

Director Peter Berg brings us the likely story of the U.S. Navy vs. evil alien invaders. Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is a rebellious slacker turned Navy lieutenant who has the daunting task of saving planet Earth from immanent destruction at the hands of vicious extraterrestrials. Hopper’s ship is the last man standing in an alien force field, the Earth’s final defense against aliens on a serach and destroy mission. Thus, Hopper has a lot on his plate; not only does he have to deal with pesky martians, but he also has to impress his fiance’s (Brooklyn Decker) father, Admiral Crane (Liam Neeson), and please his straight and narrow brother, Commander Stone Hopper (Alexander Skarsgård) all at once. Talk about a  tough blend of personal and professional pressure.

Even with talent like Neeson and Skarsgård, the acting is weak, but then again Sigourney Weaver performance’s come along once in a lifetime in outer space. The dialogue wavers between full-on cheesy and embarassingly stupid and none of the underdeveloped characters seem to be too worried about either their opponents or their task as hand; this is maybe best evidenced by the choice of Rihanna as the ships chipper weapons specialist.

Battleship certainly does not belong among the top movies playing now, but does have some things going for it: Battleship combines action with eye candy--always a money-making combination.

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