Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son Movie Review

Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son Movie Review

This new movie, the third in the “Big Momma” franchise, stars Martin Lawrence and Brandon T. Jackson, of “Tropic Thunder.” Those who are fond of comedies about men wearing drag will like it but other than for that group…..there’s not much in this movie that’s either original and/or funny.

In this new movie release, “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son,” a desperate attempt to put some fuel into the “Big Momma” franchise, you get two guys in drag: Martin Lawrence is an FBI agent working undercover as a very big woman who is joined by his stepson, who is also tricked out as a woman.

There isn’t a lot to recommend this movie picture, except for the fact that it’s funnier than Tyler Perry’s Medea. “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son” is not as any of the other well-known drag movies, like “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

It would probably have been much funnier to watch John Whitesell, director, and also the director of the second “Big Momma” movie, and screenwriter Matthew Fogel, trying to figure out how to make this upcoming movie funny. Do you think Fogel envisioned “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son” in his future when he was working on his B.A. (English) at Yale or his MFA at Columbia?

This movie doesn’t make much sense. At the start, the FBI commits big crimes to get mail from a mail carrier who’s going to deliver to them anyway. The two guys in drag, Lawrence and Jackson, show up at a school for girls in Atlanta to hide out from some criminals and to search for a jump drive that contains information that will put these bad guys in jail.

Now the gags start. The security guard at the school crushes on Big Momma, played by Lawrence, and Charmaine, played by Jackson, develops a friendship with the beautiful Haley, a singer and songwriter played by Jessica Lucas.

There are a couple of good things about this movie. First of all, it keeps jokes in bad taste to a minimum, unlike the first two movies. The absence of potty humor is refreshing. And Jackson does not play a clone of Momma. So….the movie is not without some redeeming characteristics.

But then there isn’t anything original in this Big Momma threequel either. The gags are flat. The criminals aren’t scary, and there isn’t much energy to speak of in the movie.

The technical credits are just okay. Nobody involved with this movie should be embarrassed. Then again, it’s not great cinema either.

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