Blue Valentine Movie Review

Blue Valentine Movie Review

Director Derek Cianfrance was lucky in finding two strong performers for his new movieBlue Valentine.” This is a character based movie and grim in tone so actors of the caliber of Cianfrance’s two leads, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, are needed. It’s the story of a marriage on the verge of extinction and while the story is a little on the light side, the movie rings true. It may be hard finding a niche for the upcoming movie in the mainstream market but as both Gosling and Williams are racking up a very excellent body of work, this film is certainly going to stand the test of time.

When it comes right down to it, new movie releaseBlue Valentine” is pretty much the blue collar version of “Scenes from a Marriage.” Both movies revolve around two good people who are just a bad match and are in the dregs of a relationship. Cindy, played by Williams, is a medical aid who had once wished to be a doctor but settled on becoming an aid. The reason is her husband Dean, played by Gosling. He’s a working class guy and is perfectly happy being a house painter and a father. Dean is childlike himself and is an excellent father, but it’s apparent from the beginning of the movie that Cindy and Dean’s relationship is not a “match made in heaven.” One wonders how they ever got together and got married.

Then Cianfrance shows the audience how it happened: he shows happy scenes of the courtship and the flirtation between Cindy and Dean and the series of events that pulled them together. There’s also a hotel scene where Cindy drunkenly rejects her husband’s advances. It’s very hard to watch. In another scene Dean sings “You Always Hurt the One You Love” to Cindy on their first date while playing the ukulele. Cindy tap dances, tentatively, to the music and the audience can feel the vitality in the movie picture.

Blue Valentine,” much like a film by Cassavetes, plays around an emotional predicament rather than presenting a plot. While these kinds of situations occur every day, movies usually present the positive and romantic sides of relationships. Williams and Gosling deserve thanks for presenting this part of a relationship honestly. Don’t take your date to see this movie. It’s not a romantic comedy. Movie reviews will show, though, that this is a movie that will stand the test of time much better than any romantic comedy.


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