Charlie St. Cloud Movie Review

Charlie St. Cloud Movie Review

Director Burr Steers (“Igby Goes Down”) brings “Charlie St. Cloud”, one of the movies on this summer’s new movie list, to movie theaters today.

This movie is not expected to be a box office movie success. In fact, it’s a silly movie. Not only is it a about a young romance mixed up with ghosts, but there are rules to dealing with ghosts and in this movie they keep changing!

The idea is to show a love so great that it even transcends death. That’s a hard idea to convey to a movie audience. Charlie St. Cloud is attempting to follow in the footsteps of “Somewhere in Time” and “What Dreams May Come” but those are big footsteps.

Zac Efron, plays Charlie, a kid from a small town who is known for his sailing skills. He is involved in an auto accident that kills his younger brother, played by Charlie Tahan. After that, he begins to see the ghost of his dead brother and others. You don’t ever actually know if Charlie is seeing dead people or he’s dreaming that he’s seeing dead people.

Charlie gives up his college scholarship in order to stay home and keep playing catch with his brother near the cemetery every evening. He even becomes the cemetary’s caretaker. His only friend is another cemetery groundskeeper played by Augustus Prew.

So here’s Charlie, playing catch with ghosts and hanging out in a cemetery. He even meets a girl in the cemetery. His whole life is the cemetary.

Soon the man that saved him in the car accident, played by Ray Liotta, who is suffering from terminal cancer, comes to tell Charlie that he was “saved for a reason.”

Then, after five years of absence, even though they both live in the same small town, another member of the movies cast, Amanda Crew (who plays Tess) shows up and tells Charlie that she’s going to be involved in a sailing race. Charlie is suddenly torn between his dead brother and Tess.

Something about this movie is very weird. It’s like the two halves of the movie – the part with ghosts and the parts with live people – don’t jibe. Charlie gets to go shirtless a lot, as in any good romance starring a young hunk but it doesn’t seem right.

This is one of Universal Pictures new movie titles. Screenwriters are Craig Pearce and Lewis Colick. The movie is based on the book by Ben Sherwood, entitled Charlie, that’s been translated into fifteen languages (mustn’t be as silly as the movie). The producer is Marc Platt. “Charlie St. Cloud" is rated PG-13 and runs for 100 minutes.

This is just a silly movie but big fans of Zac Efron might enjoy it.

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