Conviction Movie Review

Conviction Movie Review

Hillary Swank stars in Director Tony Goldwyns new movie releaseConviction”. She plays Betty Ann Waters, a dropout from high school who, spends twenty years trying to get her innocent brother, Kenny Waters, played by Sam Rockwell, out of jail. She goes so far as to become a lawyer in order to fight for his freedom.

Other members of the movies cast, Minnie Driver, Melissa Leo and Swank and Rockwell as well, are a fine acting ensemble. “Conviction” is very emotionally appealing, much like other biographical movies like “Erin Brockovich”. It’s sure to be a big box office movie this fall.

The siblings grow up in rural Massachusetts in the ‘80s. Their father is never around, their mother thinks of no one but herself and they end up in one foster home after another.

Both marry but Kenny never settles down and is often in trouble with the police. When someone is murdered, Kenny is called in as a suspect but is soon released.

A couple of years later, two women claim that they’ve heard Kenny admit to the killing. He is immediately apprehended, arrested, tried and convicted.

But Betty Ann can’t believe this of her beloved brother. She sets out to get her high school degree, then a BA and finally goes to law school. It takes her over twenty years.

Betty Ann’s husband is lost but she becomes friendly with another law student named Abra, who’s played by Minnie Driver. Abra encourages Betty Ann and helps her out in her quest to secure her brother’s freedom. During this time, DNA forensics become a new law enforcement tool and Betty Ann has to find the blood work from her brother’s first trial.

Director Goldwyn and Pamela Gray, screenwriter, do an excellent job with storytelling. The pace of Conviction never slows and small details add to the depth of this upcoming movie.

Movie ratings and reviews are going show this movie doing well at the box office. For a great story and some terrific acting, go see “Conviction”.

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