Crazy, Stupid, Love. Movie Review

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Movie Review

Are you thinking that new movie Crazy, Stupid, Love is another dull romantic comedy? Think again! It’s rare, anymore, to see a sophisticated romantic comedy. And it’s even more unusual to see one form a major studio. But Warner Brothers has hit the jackpot with new movie release"Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

Steve Carrell plays the husband of Julianne Moore. Steve is a tad boring as a father and husband but gets his chance to be a swinging single when Moore tosses him out. This comedy is sexy and hilarious and has nothing in common with this season’s 3D comic book movies or the ridiculous comedy movies playing now. Adults are going to talk Crazy, Stupid, Love up until it’s bringing in big money at the box office.

Animation writer Dan Fogelman, known for Tangled and Cars, will surprise you with this mature screenplay. Directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa offer top shelf direction. Carrell and Moore play two good people who have been in what seems to be a perfect life for 30 years. Unfortunately, the union is falling apart. Suddenly Moore decides to file for divorce. Neither has ever had a date with anyone else, having met in high school. Both are totally out of their element when they decide to put their toes into the murky pool of the dating scene. Things become even more confusing when Carrel meets Ryan Gosling in a bar and Ryan decides to initiate him into modern day dating. The script uses this premise as a great setup for comedy but never leaves reality behind. Both Carrell and the directors are far too smart to let the movie fall into the realm of Hollywood cliché.

The terrific cast is up to the movie picture’s intricacies. Maria Tomei is great as a sexy teacher and there are some funny scenes with Carrell’s kids’ babysitter, played by Analeigh Tipton. But in actuality, Gosling is looking for the life that Carrell once had. This becomes evident as he ventures into a relationship with Emma Stone who plays hard to get when he wants commitment. As this is going on, Moore is finding a new possibility for a complicated love connection with Kevin Bacon. All of these scenarios together rush towards a twisting yet brilliant climax.

This may be Carrell’s best role ever – proving that he’s today’s best comedian. Moore is warm and believable. Gosling is hilarious and Stone has a great screen presence. Both threaten to show up Carrell and Moore – they’re that good. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is a great evening of entertainment for the smarter adult crowd!

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