Cyrus Movie Review

Cyrus Movie Review

“Cyrus” is a predictable story of a troubled relationship between a mother and her son and the therefore troubled relationship between the mother and her newfound love.

Marisa Tomei plays the mother in this Fox Searchlight film and John C. Reilly plays her new boyfriend. Twenty-one year old Cyrus, acted by Jonah Hill, refuses to be left out of this relationship and soon there forms a strange triumvirate of needy people and odd Oedipal references that never quite make it beyond the cheap thrill stage. Tomei and Reilly’s characters are so happy to find each other and to escape from the tedium of their humdrum lives but Cyrus will battle it out before having some other man steal the attentions of his mother.

The Cyrus , upcoming movie, written by screenwriters Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, has many possibilities but none of them ever come to fruition. The movie drags and will most likely never make it beyond select sites for viewing.

The drama is saved from total predictability by Reilly’s self-deprecating charm and Tomei’s sympathy invoking role as the mother who just can’t let go. Catherine Keener plays Reilly’s assertive yet supportive ex-wife.

“Cyrus” recently had its world premiere at The Sundance Film Festival with very mediocre reviews, which were probably even better than the film deserved due to the celebrity atmosphere and festivities of Sundance.

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