Dark Shadows in the Movie News

Dark Shadows in the Movie News

At this point, most critics agree: Tim Burton’s new movie Dark Shadows is an example of what happens when creative geniuses lose their steam and let their faithful followers do all the work.

Burton, who has been master of the weird for a long time, seems to be running low on originality serum. In comparison to many of the other movies playing now Dark Shadows has some bright spots, particularly the hilarious performance of newcomer Eva Green, but on the whole the film smells of Beetlejuice, almost as if it is a deliberate trip down nostalgia lane. There are many parallels between the two films, parallels so close that they couldn’t possibly be anything other than blatant references to each other. Case and point: both films bring art and sculptures to life in a poltergeist-like manner to save the day.

Interestingly enough, Dark Shadows screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith is currently drafting a Beetlejuice sequel. However, many harbor fears that he may be creating fan fiction films gone wild. Grahame-Smith was 12 years old when everybody’s favorite bio-exorcist first horrified and delighted audiences in 1988. It isn’t hard to imagine that he is jumping for joy at the opportunity to be the author of more Burton films. Who wouldn’t be? It is every writer’s dream to get to work with the masters, especially when they grew up idolizing them. Unfortunately, Grahame-Smith seems more interested in taking the scripts in a direction that pays collective homage to Burton in a groupie kind of way rather than coming up with fresh, new twists that have broad appeal. If you have seen Dark Shadows then you probably noticed that the dialogue was weak and that the star-powered cast, which includes Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter, lacked luster; the actors seemed much more content with fumbling through the film in complacency.

Although Dark Shadows makes Beetlejuice 2 seem redundant, there is no reason to sound the alarm bells yet. Tim Burton is too big of a name for any of his films to be a complete flop. Beetlejuice 2 will likely be nothing to brag about, but then again Tim Burton’s film arsenal is already so loaded that he doesn’t really need to earn anymore bragging rights.

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