Despicable Me Movie Review

Despicable Me Movie Review

This new movie release, "Despicable Me", is a 3D movie about a super villain who decides to duke it out with three orphaned children.

This upcoming movie is universal’s first 3D animated movie and exhibits a lot of what is appealing about Pixar cartoons. The movie incorporates all of the things that spark a child’s fantasies, from toys sitting on a bed to dream monsters, robots and super heroes. The movie makes them very real.

Despicable Me takes makes gentle fun of super villains and is a takeoff of “The Incredibles”. In Despicable me the super villains are harassed by issues relating to their parents.

Despicable Me is NOT one of Pixar’s best films. It is, however, amusing, clever and pleasantly animated with characters that you will remember. It is going to be a winner. It was made by Mac Guff Ligne, a French special effects company. It is also Chris Melendandri’s first animated film, from his Illumination Entertainment, since he began working for Universal in 2007. The movie will open first in North America and in some areas of Europe next month. It is expected to be a global financial success and folks of all ages should find it to be appealing.

What makes the movie funny? It’s the story of opposites: a super villain who commits big crimes vs. three orphaned girls who are just as tenacious as he is. Gru, the super villain, is not the most successful villain out there. As a matter of fact, as a financier of super villains, he’s a bit of a bumbler. This saddens poor Gru.

Steve Carell, who voices Gru, is amazing. He manages to be threatening and scary, yet a bit of the little boy shines through in his voice. He plays Gru with a heavy accent (who knows from where) and his terrible doings turn out to be just a plea for attention.

Gru is ashamed because some other super villain has stolen – gasp! – a pyramid! In the spirit of one-ups-manship, Gru decides to pilfer the moon! To do this Gru needs a shrink ray gun. Unfortunately said gun is stolen before Gru ever gets to use it (don’t forget his bumbling ways).

Jason Segel voices Gru’s archenemy, Vector. Julie Andrews plays Gru’s mother.

Somewhere along the way, Gru makes the decision that the aforementioned three orphans will be the solution to his problems. So he adopts them. Margo, voiced by Miranda Cosgrove, is the leader of this orphan pack. Agnes, voiced by Elsie Fisher, and Edith, voiced by Dana Gaier, are no less pushy in their demands to be taken to ballet classes, be read stories at bed time and ride roller coasters.

Despicable Me’s shortfall is not its fun characters or story, its shortfall is that it is predictable. Pixar’s strength is often in its unpredictability. This is not so in this film. You know at every turn what will happen next. What keeps the movie fresh is the marvelous characters invented by writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio.

See Despicable me for the wonderful animation (directed by Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin) and Gru, one of the best bad guys around!

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