Devil Movie review

Devil Movie review

The premise of new movie release, “Devil”, taken from a story by M. Night Shyamalan (but neither written nor directed by him) is that five people get stranded on an elevator and one of these people, all strangers, is the devil.

This upcoming movie has way too much talking going on and not enough thrilling. Although “Devil” is a feature film that lasts 80 minutes, it has something “television-ish” about it that’s reminiscent of “The Twilight Zone” or “Outer Limits.” It has the feeling of a TV show from the 80s or 90s.

This movie on the new movie list is just goofy and it’s not going to set anybody’s heart to racing or blood to chilling.

This is the first feature in an anthology produced by Shyamalan that’s entitled “The Night Chronicles.” The next production, “Reincarnate”, will be directed by Daniel Stamm, director of “The Last Exorcism”. “Devil” takes place in skyscraper. Chris Messina plays a homicide detective from Philadelphia. He’s already on the case of a suicide that occurred in the same office building.

Now an elevator has stalled and every time the lights go out on the elevator, another one of the very annoying passengers dies. Member of the movies cast include Bokeem Woodbine who is claustrophobic and a security guard with a nasty personality, Jenny O’Hara who plays an older lady who tends to rub everybody the wrong way, Geoffrey Arend, who plays a salesman, Logan Marshall-Green who is a veteran and Bojana Novakovic, a sharp-tongued and defensive girl.

Then there are Matt Craven who plays a security guard and Jacob Vargas, who plays a religious Latino security guard. Both are forced to watch the action on closed screen TVs. Vargas’ character recognizes the work of the devil when he sees it.

The Director, John Erick Dowdle, does the best he can, considering he’s working within the space of an elevator. Brian Nelson is given credit for the script but you can hear Shyamalan’s voice shining through.

Unfortunately, even taking Chris Messina’s excellent acting into account as well as the dark score by Fernando Velazquez, no amount of bumps in the night could make this one of the new movies coming soon at all scary.

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