Dinner For Schmucks Movie Review

Dinner For Schmucks Movie Review

“Dinner for Schmucks”, one of the new movies playing in theaters now, is not the funniest of Steve Carell’s or Paul Rudd’s movies but you can bet that it will be a big box office movie this summer.

This movie is all about stalking a new friend and is so extreme in its mocking of the central character that it makes “The Cable Guy” look lightweight.

Dinner for Schmucks is based on the French movie, “Le Diner de Cons.” That movie is based on the idea that a bunch of rich business execs decide to hold a party and only invite a very strange mix of guests, all schmucks, who are unknowingly competing for the prize of “biggest idiot.” The new Paramount Picture remake is more about the relationship between Carrell and Rudd, the two actors in the movies cast who play characters Barry Speck and Tim Conrad.

When Carell and Rudd’s characters unexpectedly meet, Speck latches onto Conrad like a leech, messing up his dating life and his career. The success of Steve Carrell in The Office is tied to his intelligence added to a mixture of bad judgment and deluded thinking. In “Dinner for Schmucks”, Carell is just plain dumber than his “Office” character, making him much less appealing. Oddly enough, some of the only endearing moments in this upcoming movie involve Speck’s collection of dioramas that he fills with mice that he has stuffed and dressed in little mouse-sized clothing. He also has a few great moments of comedic acting that keep the film from falling on its face – for instance when Speck decides to play dead when faced by a dangerous situation.

Carell and Rudd do the best they can with the characters they have been offered. Other members of the movies cast include some truly excellent comedians including David Walliams, (from “Little Britain”) Zach Galifianakis, Jermaine Clement, Stephanie Szostak, Lucy Punch, Bruce Greenwood and Ron Livingston.

The Director of “Dinner for Schmucks” is Jay Roach, of “Meet the Parents” as well as its movie sequel. His approach to this new movie is not quite as over the top as his approach to the previous two. At the climax of the movie the execs are brought to their knees, and curtains go up in flames. Even when the action and silliness is at its most intense, Roach manages to keep it just below that point where it becomes over the top.

The movie, which is set to open on July 30th, was written by David Guion and Michael Handelman. It’s rated PG-13 and runs for 114 minutes.

All in all, if you love Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, go see “Dinner with Schumcks”. But you really have to love them.

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