Dirty Girl Movie Review

Dirty Girl Movie Review

New Movie release Dirty Girl was recently acquired by Haney Weinstein after its Toronto premiere for $3 million for the United States and for some big overseas markets.

Upcoming movie, “Dirty Girl” is about a high school girl (Juno Templet on) with a bad reputation and is reminiscent of both “Juno” and “Little Miss Sunshine”.

Director Abe Sylvia is a veteran of musical theater and this is obvious in many of the scenes that contain musical sequences – either dancing or song. This film on the new movies list is expected to be a real box office movie success.

Juno Templeton is the daughter of British Filmmaker Julien Temple. She has had smaller roles in such movies as “Atonement”, “Notes on a Scandal”, and “St. Trinians”, but this is the role that will make her. She plays Danielle who calls herself the “school whore” in 1987.

Her bad ways get her right into the remedial classes where she is befriended by Clarke, played by Jeremy Dozier (in his impressive debut performance), a chunky, quiet, gay kid.

The two of them have more in common that is immediately apparent. Clarke’s parents, played by other members of the movies cast, Dwight Yoakam and Mary Steenburgen, are having a hard time acclimating themselves to being Clarke’s parents. Danielle (Templeton) is stuck in a situation with a Barbie Doll of a mom, played by Milla Jovovich, who is on the verge of marrying a Mormon, played by William H. Macy.

Clarke and Danielle run off in Clarke’s father’s red Cadillac and go on joy ride from Oklahoma to California, looking for Danielle’s birth father.

Sylvia , who is also the writer of the movie, finally gets “Dirty Girl” to an ending that is pleasing to most. Other actors, Tim McGraw in the role of Danielle’s father and Nicholas D’Agosto as a hitchhiker are excellent in their roles, too.

The production is great, especially the ‘80s soundtrack which is dominated by Melissa Manchester tunes but also includes music by Pat Benatar, Sheena Easton and Belinda Carlisle.

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