Drive Angry Movie Review

Drive Angry Movie Review

Nicholas Cage is a bad guy right out of hell in this upcoming movie, “Drive Angry.” And he’s going right back – as soon as he saves his new granddaughter from a Satanic cult. But while he’s here, new movie “Drive Angry” entertains us for 104 minutes with stabbing, car chases, punching and just plain old silliness. Patrick Lussier is the director of this new movie release, which like his previous work, “My Bloody Valentine 3D,” is half serious/half silly and a kudo to the pulp genre. This is one of those new movies that tries to be interesting to everyone and someone manages to not interest anyone. If teenagers can get into “Drive Angry,” it may make a little money at the box office.

Milton, played by Cage, is a dead bad guy who’s been in Hell for ten years. The name Milton is a nod to John Milton, who wrote kindly about Satan in “Paradise Lost.” Lussier shows how Milton’s life was hell on earth as he tried to save his daughter, while he was still alive, from a cult run by Jonah King, played by Billy Burke. King uses her femurs as a cane and he’s planning on sacrificing her child, the last bits of Milton, to Satan himself.

Burke is best known for playing Bella’s father in “Twilight” but in “Drive Angry” he’s one nasty fellow. He wears a soul patch and spouts creepy lines. Milton is a great role for Cage but as he’s been building up muscle he’s been losing emotion in his acting. Cage plays lots of crazies but Milton is only middling crazy. He hasn’t got any especially good lines and he doesn’t smile once in this one of the year’s early new movie releases. He’s still funny – maybe because he’s so hard core. In one part of the movie a waitress brings him to an amazing orgasm while he’s still got all of his clothing on and smoking a cigar. In the midst of it he rolls over and shoots six cult members. She’s so bedazzled that she doesn’t even notice until his guns are back in the holster.

Burke and William Fichter, who play The Accountant who keeps a tally of the damned as they go back to Hell, are both the next generation – surpassing Cage in his own “Caginess.” They get more laughs and so do the other weird rednecks in “Drive Angry.” Amber Heard plays the beautiful woman in the movie – a waitress in love with muscle cars. She knows just how to make her role comedic without making it silly.

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