Drunkboat Movie Review

Drunkboat Movie Review

It looks like new movie release, “Drunkboat,” has dropped anchor at its first and possibly its only port of call, the 46th Chicago International Film Festival.

This upcoming movies crew is movie cast John Malkovich, John Goodman and Dana Delaney.

John Malkovich speaks quietly and secretively in this box office movie. He’s a Vietnam vet and an alcoholic in recovery named Mort. Mort shows up at his sister’s house one day. He then talks himself into her house (his sister is played by Dana Delaney.) Dana’s son, Abe, played by Jacob Zachar, is a nice boy who wants to be a sailor.

John Goodman plays a guy named Fletcher who works at a boatyard and has plans to unload a decrepit boat on poor Abe. Fletch is a big drinker and part of his nefarious plan is to push Mort off the wagon and talk him into co-signing for Abe.

The possibilities are there for “Drunkboat”. It has a pleasant, light tone and a happy spirit. Unfortunately the script is bad. Writers Randy Buescher and Bob Meyer have come up with a script that’s boring and full of gimmicks. Goodman’s lines are all clichés. Malkovich is so quiet in his delivery that we barely notice how bad his lines are.

Delaney’s lines aren’t bad but her part is so small that it’s almost a walk on.

The technical credits are just okay. The highlight is Susan Kaufmann, the costume designer who came up with the lower middle class Midwestern costumes.

Drunkboat, This ship may have sunk before ever having sailed.

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