Easy A Movie Review

Easy A Movie Review

Upcoming movie, “Easy A”, does something really difficult: It makes comedy look easy. This is a high school movie that takes this movie genre and turns it on its ear. “Easy A” is a witty and satirical teen movie.

The responsibility for the excellent screenplay of this movie on the new movies list was written by Bert V. Royal who is a playwright and TV writer. Will Gluck, the director, keeps the movie moving and colorful without resorting to hyperactivity.

Head of the movies cast, Emma Stone, attacks her role with amazing self confidence. This is the role she’s been waiting for. She makes every other actor in the cast work harder and this makes Easy A all the better for it.

Screen Gems may be able to market this movie the way that “Juno” was marketed and have it reach out to audiences of all ages. Stone’s character is gifted with amazing dialogue and humor.

The box office movie is set in the Ojai Valley of Southern California. This particularly beautiful part of California, a center for the arts, has been absent from movies since it “played” Shangri-La in “Lost Horizon”, Frank Capra’s 1939 movie.

Stone plays Olive Penderghast. It’s a little hard to believe that nobody noticed a natural beauty like Stone prior to The Rumor but viewers will get over their disbelief. Interestingly, Stone has started the vicious rumor about herself.

The rumor starts when Olive, during a boring weekend, tells her buddy Rhiannon, played by Aly Michalka, a spicy story about a hot date she had with a college guy. She hints around that her virginity was lost. The story is heard by Marianne, played by Amanda Bynes, who is head of the group at school that practices celibacy.

When the rumor spreads, through Marianne’s tweets, Olive is so impressed with her new celebrity that she doesn’t bother to deny the rumors. Another friend, Brandon, played by Dan Byrd, asks Olive to spread the rumor that he’s straight, as he’s bullied because he’s gay. Other students realize how successful Olive is being with her rumor so they come to her to help them as well.

Olive, inspired by the fact that her English class is studying “The Scarlet Letter”, decides to emulate Hawthorne’s heroine by also wearing a scarlet A on her clothing. Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson, other members of the movies cast, play Olive’s hippie-ish parents who ask her about the “A” but never doubt her.

Parents are going to love that the loss of virginity is shown in a less than positive way in “Easy A”. This movie also attacks such subjects as social media, peer pressure, bad values, and hypocrisy.

The movie “Easy A” is filmed as a webcast by Olive to the community to talk about how untrue her reputation as a slut has been. Olive offers her wisdom, peppered with lots of wisecracks. In fact, the movie is so full of witty repartee that it may be funnier after seen several times.

There is no lack of great acting in this movie. Penn Badgley plays the guy that Olive truly loves, Tucci and Clarkson are wonderful as her parents and Malcom McDowell is terrific as the school principal.

“Easy A” is a movie that almost everyone will enjoy!

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