Fair Game Movie Review

Fair Game Movie Review

Naomi Watts plays Valerie Plame in new movie release, “Fair Game”. She’s the sexy CIA agent who was outed as an agent by the Bush Administration.

This movie picture is directed by Doug Liman, director of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” “Fair Game” carefully and accurately tells the true story of the Plame affair. It starts out as a spy mystery and ends up as a Beltway soap opera. No matter what, it does give viewers an understanding of the politics of the story.

Joe Wilson, Plame’s husband, is played by Sean Penn. He’s middle-aged, full of hot hair, full of himself and ends up on a trip to Niger during the prelude to the Iraq war. He finds out that the US had no part in selling yellowcake uranium to Iraq and then listens as President Bush tells the US that it did.

When Wilson makes the decision, in this new movie, to tell the public what he knows, Bush’s men leak Plame’s identity.

One of this year’s upcoming movies, “Fair Game” will get the audience excited once again about Bush’s abuse of power. When the Plame/Wilson marriage hits the rocks, viewers are going to wonder which is worse – telling the truth or concealing it.

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