Faster Movie Review

Faster Movie Review

Movie news about “Faster,” starring Dwayne Johnson, says that it’s action from start to end – no wasted words!

Johnson plays Driver, in this new movie release. Driver gets out of prison and never stops until the last bad guy is dead. Director George Tillman, Jr., makes sure that upcoming movie, “Faster,” has a flavor of the ‘70s and a big emphasis on car stunts, lots of weapons, and buff actors.

This new movie is for the guys. The women in the movie are just as tough as the guys. There’s even a woman getting married in full wedding regalia doing target practice during her reception.

There were lots of people watching the new Harry Potter movie, or “Tangled,” or “Burlesque” over Thanksgiving. Men were watching football – or maybe “Faster.”

In this one of late fall’s new movies, Dwayne Johnson is reverting to his earlier type of role. His Disney period is gone and he’s back to action.

Driver’s plan, at his prison release, is to kill every man who was involved in his brother’s murder, ten years before. When his brother was killed, he and Driver had just robbed a bank and were taking it easy in what was supposed to be a safe house. Everybody is corrupt in “Faster.”

Driver does have a little bit of a conscience. When an innocent person somehow gets between Driver and the person he has to kill, he can’t shoot. He doesn’t care about anybody that’s not on his kill list. As the five days that the movie spans wear on, Driver finds out that his kill list is missing someone.

Driver is loose in the desert between California and Nevada when he comes to the attention of a cop, played by Billy Bob Thornton. The cop is very close to retirement and his involvement in this case is very upsetting to Carla Gugino, who plays his partner. It turns out that Thornton’s Cop is a drug addict.

Enter Oliver Jackson-Cohen who plays the Killer, a professional assassin out to get Driver. He’s British and sees chasing marks as a sort of new extreme sport.

Joe and Tony Gayton’s screenplay doesn’t miss a beat. Every sequence tells the viewer something about the characters’ motivations or their back stories. There are lots of issues involved: child abuse, drug addicts, bad cops, bad choices in life and people, and over and underachievement.

Faster” displays a certain wit, although not really a sense of humor.

Faster” never gives up logic. It may be a combo of all sorts of pulp-fiction type situations but it has logic. A situation might be crazy but it’s never implausible.

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