New G.I. Joe Movie Details Revealed

New G.I. Joe Movie Details Revealed
Paramount Pictures has recently released a new movie trailer for the John M. Chu-directed new movie G.I Joe: Retaliation. And the G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra sequel is definitely packing action hero punch, with Bruce Willis appearing as Joe Colton and Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock; in other words, G.I. Joe’s namesakes.

Paramount’s trailer provides us with more exposition on the new characters and shows us what has happened to the old ones. Duke (Channing Tatum) and his troupe are attacked by Firefly (Ray Stevenson) and the trailer hints at the fact that this means that Duke & co. will be M.I.A for the remainder of the film. Thus, enter Colton and Roadblock to fill the hero gap. We are introduced to a whole new group of hero Joes, a group we will need since the President of the United States has apparently lost his mind, branded G.I. Joe an enemy, and unleashed the villainous COBRA forces in G.I. Joe’s stead.

Needless to say, the crux of the film will be saving the world from the evil COBRAS, and in the process London will be burning. There will be action sequences galore and plenty of hand to hand combat combat—all the ingredients necessary for the success of a new action movie will be thrown into the pot.

Even though the selection of John M. Chu (who could forget that his directing credits include Justin Bieber: Never Say Never?) seems questionable, judging by the trailer, Mr. Chu just might be able to deliver the payload for Paramount. Plus, who wouldn’t be excited about watching an explosive movie the Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson. It doesn’t really get better than that for action fans in this day and age.

In case the trailer isn’t enough to satisfy your G.I. Joe hunger, Paramount has also created, an interactive website for loyal fans. It is pretty clear that paramount has high expectations for this film—whether or not audiences will buy into it all can only be judged by the box office.

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