Get Him to the Greek Movie Review

Get Him to the Greek Movie Review

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, leads in “Get Him to the Greek” (written and directed by Nicholas Stoller), known for stealing spotlight from better known members of the cast in many scenes, have been shown up in this peripatetic comedy by Sean Combs, the erstwhile P. Diddy. Although a countdown clock appears as a prop throughout the film, the characters and plot are both stodgy.

This Universal release is not expected to do well in theaters, although the lack of guy centered comedies this season might boost its appeal. The movie, directed by Nicholas Stoller, (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), reunites Stoller, Hill and Brand but just doesn’t have the zing that made their last reunion movie, “The Hangover”, such a huge hit last summer. This year there are too many movies driven by big name actors for Hill and Brand to stand out as favorites.

Hill’s character, recording exec Aaron Green, works for the crazy Sergio Roma (played by Sean Combs). Green thinks that Snow needs to stage a concert at the famous Greek Theater in Las Vegas to reprise a successful concert at the same venue ten years prior. Roma thinks this is a wonderful idea and sends Green on a mission to London to find Snow and talk him into coming back to Vegas to play the show at the Greek. Roma tells Green that Snow is “the worst person on Earth.”

Brand plays Aldous Snow for the second time, building on his dandified British rock star character in Jason Segel’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. In “Get Him to the Greek”, Snow’s career has been going under. His video “African Child” has tanked and he and his girlfriend, Jackie Q, (beautifully played by actress Rose Byme) have separated.

The real stars of this show are Sean Combs, who has a way of delivering lines like announcements and Rose Byme, who is marvelous as a peppy English rock star. Both Hill and Brand do decent jobs and garner some well deserved laughs. But don’t stand a chance against the laughs engendered by the supporting cast.

Christina Aguilera, Lars Ulrich, Rick Shroder, Pink, Meredith Viera, and Paul Krugman appear in cameos.

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