Glee The 3D Concert Movie Review

Glee The 3D Concert Movie Review

Glee has truly become a big business! “Glee” the TV show is the father of CDs, snack food endorsements, board games, and live concerts. And now, this take-off on High School Musical is the subject of a new movie releaseGlee: The 3D Concert Movie. It has become a giant deal in popular culture and the new movie is going to be huge at the box office, as it deserves to be.

The format of the upcoming movie is much like Mark Pellington’s “U2 3D” and shows like the Sony/Hot Ticket documentary “Celine Dion: Through the Eyes of the World.” The kids from Glee are in character but are not in their storylines so that the show is very natural looking and their performances onstage are just extensions of their charming selves. The real documentary part of this movie picture is when “Glee” fans, or “Gleeks,” are asked to answer questions. Three of the Gleeks are followed in longer storylines where each storyline features diversity. The show “Glee” has taught fans to be tolerant. It’s all about self-acceptance and pride and apparently its working!

At the beginning of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, you still see concert goers getting free Glee tattoos airbrushed on and yelling for their favorite characters. Some of the characters have a few minutes, while at their makeup mirrors, to talk about things. Rachel, played by Lea Michele, is the first. She talks about how she starts the show with a lukewarm rather than a hot beverage. Britney, played by Heather Morris is vain, and Mercedes, played by Amber Riley and gives her nasty looks. It’s easy to refer to the Glee cast by their characteristics – the hot prep, the kid in the wheelchair, etc. Later in the movie they do a number to Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” while wearing shirts proclaiming just that. It’s all about each characters own particular quirks. The film is a love letter to “Glee” fans.

In a recent screening a few invited teenagers practically swooned! They (boys and girls) sang along with the songs, and just couldn’t seem to contain themselves. It’s reminiscent of a showing of “Rocky Horror.” Almost all of the songs are Top 40, making them great sing-alongs.

We venture into the lives of the three fans between song and dance sketches. They all claim to have become accepted as people because of Glee. Janae suffers from dwarfism but is a cheerleader and in the running to be Prom Princess. She actually feels bad for those who’re uncomfortable with her dwarfism. Trenton is gay, which became known when he was in 8th grade and his secret crush was given his diary. The third fan is Josie, a girl who suffers from Asperger’s. Because of “Glee” she has a whole group of friends who are helping her out in her search for a romantic relationship.

“Glee” and “Glee: The 3D Movie” are helping kids have a common cultural experience – it’s not like there’s one new song that all the kids know – there’s lots of niche music out now. This new film is helping kids to not only enjoy some music together but to forge some friendships with kids they might not have tolerated in the past.

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