Going the Distance Movie Review

Going the Distance Movie Review

This upcoming movie is bad in oh so many ways! As a matter of fact, it’s amazing how bad it is. The lines are awful, the characters are awful, and the scenes are awful. This is one awful new movie release. One has to wonder what Drew Barrymore, a good actress and pretty good filmmaker, must have been thinking.

The fact that this one of the movies playing in theaters now is inanely predictable, is bad enough. It’s about a couple trying to have a great relationship while living on different sides of the country. This isn’t a bad place to start. Unfortunately everything that surrounds the plot is just that: bad.

One of the worst calculations, on director Nanette Burstein’s part, is the naughty language injected into almost every line. It’s a very obvious ploy to get young males into the theater and watching the movie. This again fails on many levels. What romantic comedy is this vulgar? And it’s not even funny!

The premise of “Going the Distance” is that Erin, played by Drew Barrymore, and Garrett, played by Justin Long, become involved in a romantic interlude that lasts six weeks. At the end of the six weeks Erin must go back to San Francisco to continue her studies as a journalism student. The shocker is that, in those six weeks, the couple has fallen in love.

Now they must pursue a long distance relationship, and that’s hard on any romance. Neither can find a job in the city where the other lives. Texting and calling are not adequate substitutes for real life cuddling.

Why doesn’t Erin move back to Manhattan and become a freelancer? She’s already had one story in a major NY paper. Everything else in the film works (or doesn’t work) in about the same way. Garrett is awkward when meeting Erin’s family. Erin’s sister, played by Christina Applegate, dislikes Garrett for no apparent reason. Garrett displays fake jealousy over a co-worker of Erin’s. And Garrett has two miserable best friends, played by Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis.

Going the Distance is rated R and runs for 103 minutes. Don’t go the distance. Go see something else on this summer’s new movies list. Or just stay home.

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