Hereafter Movie Review

Hereafter Movie Review

Director Clint Eastwood will surprise moviegoers again with another flinty drama, “Hereafter”. This upcoming movie is a story of the metaphysical – what is the afterlife? For screenwriter Peter Morgan, box office movieHereafter” is an interesting switch from his movies about politicians such as “The Queen” and “Frost/Nixon.” This is an intriguing movie and starts strong with it’s opening shots. It’s an insightful quest into why people need answers about the afterlife and why they sometimes need them so quickly.

This movie is expected to do extremely well with movie ratings and reviews as well as box office grosses in the United States and Europe. Eastwood’s legions of admirers, and those with an interest in the hereafter, will be lining up at the doors of theaters. This movie on the new movies list will be released in the United States on October 22nd.

The stories in Hereafter are international and are about three people searching for answers about the afterlife. Surprisingly, this film is not dark or moody. Morgan has his characters paths cross after happenings in different parts of the world that are not related but send these characters into each other’s lives. It will remind some people of old movies by Claude Lelouch because “Hereafter” is about fate and destiny.

First a French newswoman, played by Cecile de France, lives through a near death experience when a tsunami crashes into a tropical beach. Then, Matt Damon plays an American with the ability to commune with the dead and seeks to rid himself of this ability. Finally, twin boys, living in England, are separated by death. The quieter brother, played by Frankie McLaren, desperately wants to reach out to his brother in the grave.

Each story is separate and has separate subplots and characters. The French newswoman has been involved in an affair with her producer, played by Thierry Neuvic, who is married. After the tsunami he encourages her to take some time for herself and she does. She intends to write a book about politics but instead begins to investigate some scientists who are involved in research about the afterlife.

Damon decides to get out of the psychic business but is hampered by his brother, played by Jay Mohr, who is after the money that Damon makes with this talent. Then Damon’s relationship with his girlfriend, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, disintegrates as a result of his abilities.

The mother of the English twins, played by Lyndsey Marshal, is a drug addict. When one of the twins, played by George McLaren, dies, the other twin goes into foster care and the mother enters rehab.

These stories are all about urgent matters but the “Hereafter” is never urgent. Eastwood does a great job of telling the stories with rich details and absorbing situations. The actors do a wonderful job of maneuvering around potentially “cheesy” situations by underplaying their roles.

Unfortunately, the end is not as strong as the beginning. The viewer will wish for some answers to his or her own questions about the afterlife but they’re not provided by “Hereafter”.

Eastwood does a magnificent job with “Hereafter” as good as his work with “Letters from Iwo Jima” and “Million Dollar Baby”.

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