I Am Number Four Movie Review

I Am Number Four Movie Review

Director D.J. Caruso’s upcoming movie, “I Am Number Four,” is an action thriller starring Alex Pettyfer and co-starring Diana Agron and Teresa Palmer.

It turns out that the main character in this new movie release is an outer space alien and a high school student who constantly changes schools to keep one step ahead of other aliens who want him dead. Much of “I Am Number Four” is a lot of fun but some of it, like CG monsters and cartoonish bad guys (this new movie is produced by Michael Bay), mess up the third act. A better climax rather than yet another big battle would have given the movie picture more class.

Hunky English actor, Alex Pettyfer, the heart throb of young girls everywhere, plays the alien in “I Am Number Four.” According to movie news he’s slated to star in two more movies already this year: “Beastly” and “Now.” No one knows yet how good those will be but Pettyfer, notwithstanding his good looks, is a disappointment in this movie. His acting is characterized by continual moodiness with the occasional angry outburst. Diana Agron, of “Glee,” plays a teen with an interest in photography and Callan McAuliffe plays a geek with an interest in UFOs. Teresa Palmer plays a sexy and athletic alien. All three are better than Pettyfer.

An action sequence at the beginning of the movie lets the audience know that there are few good aliens have arrived on earth from the Planet Lorien. They’re being chased by bad aliens called Mogadorians. The bad guys are getting rid of the good guys in numerical order. Number three goes out in the opening sequence so the movie starts at number four: Pettyfer. The audience never finds out why the good guys are being taken out in the order they’re being destroyed.

Number four, and the man who makes believe he’s his father, played by Timothy Olyphant, leave the Florida Keys and move to Paradise, Ohio. The locations were filmed in Pittsburgh. In his new identity as John Smith, Number Four matriculates into a high school full of cliches’. There’s a clique of guys, run by the school’s quarterback, played by Jake Abel, who delight in bullying the school geek. Then there’s the gorgeous cheerleader who wants to get away from these same popular guys.

Number Four is supposed to stay under the radar at school but since his hands have an otherworldly glow, and he can throw football players and cop cars around with ease, he’s a little hard to hide. It turns out that Number Four keeps ending up on YouTube, alerting the Mogodarians as to where he is.

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