I Love You Phillip Morris Movie Review

I Love You Phillip Morris Movie Review

This upcoming movie showcases Jim Carrey’s comedic talents in his best role since “The Cable Guy.” He plays a guy who’s so shady and so over-the-top gay that audiences will be rolling in the aisles and shocked at the same time. The script by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa is very blunt and sexual and Carrey’s relationship with his boyfriend Ewan McGregor is very open. This all may limit the audience of this new movie release. Curiosity about the new movie may equal reticence to see it.

Movie picture, “I Love You Phillip Morris,” is a based on a true story and novel written by Steve McVicker, who at one time was a Houston Chronicle reporter. The story is that of a born criminal. At one point or another, Steven Russell (played by Carrey), is a lawyer, CEO, passes phony checks and is into insurance and credit card fraud.

Although this movie is a romance, it in no way diminishes the fact that Russell has a sociopathic personality.

The writers have so much going on in the first few minutes of one of this late autumn’s new movie releases, that the audience will be immediately captivated.

Steven is adopted as a child, in a very funny scene with his parents, gets married to a woman named Debbie, played by Leslie Mann, fathers two children, and breaks into a police computer to figure out who his real mother is. She is played by Mary Louise Burke and has no interest in him. Steven is upset, has a car crash and comes out of it deciding to live his true life. He decides to admit that he’s gay and then starts taking part in one lie after another, other than for his orientation.

Carrey is a physical comedian in this movie, as he’s always been. He’s very flamboyant as a gay man, particularly after he moves to Florida and finds a very flamboyant boyfriend, played by Rodrigo Santoro. It’s then that Steven starts passing bad checks and using bad credit cards as being gay turns out to cost a lot of money. When he goes to jail he meets his cell mate – Phillip Morris.

I Love You Phillip Morris” definitely has a dark side and it’s hard to tell how audiences will take that. The direction is very good. However, some of the references to oral sex, Steven and Phillip’s touchy-feely relationship, and a couple of other sex scenes are going to upset a bunch of viewers.

Kudos go to Xavier Perez-Grobet for his cinematography and to Thomas J. Nordberg for editing.

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