Inception Movie Review

Inception Movie Review

Upcoming movie, Inception, is probably the most original of movie titles to appear in years. It is a Science Fiction trip across a compelling dreamscape that throws all of this summer’s remakes and sequels right out of the water. It will appeal to many demographics. This Warner Bros. release is expected to open as a top box office movie.

It’s not that the chases or shoot-outs or rescues or evilness are any different than any other movie. Thanks to Christopher Nolan (The "Dark Knight" and "Memento"), writer-director, all of these have been reborn in the movie so that the characters can rescue, chase, shoot and be evil on many levels of reality. It might be the story of a con game if the action didn’t take place in the minds of people rather in their real lives. All of the action takes place in dreams.

While not a sequel, Inception can thank some of it’s probable success to movies like 1984’s “Dreamscape” and "The Matrix" (1999), which also worked on different levels of reality that were created by artificial intelligence.

The basic premise of the new movie is that entering someone’s brain while they’re in a dream state and stealing ideas from them can be used as a form of corporate spying. The people who do this are called “extractors” and they are the designers of the dreams’ architecture and have personas within the dreams and provide drugs to other people to share the dreams.

Inception’s cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Dom Cobb, a master extractor who is on the run and cannot return to his family, which is in the United States. Other members of the movies cast include Saito, played by Ken Watanabe who wants Cobb to perform a special mission and Cilian Murphy, who plays Robert Fischer. Saito wants Cobb to invent a mission which will cause Fischer to break up his father’s corporation.

Other members of Cobb’s team include his point man, Arthur, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a forger named Eames, played by Tom Hardy, a chemist Yusef, played by Dileep Rao, and Michael Caine who plays Cobb’s father-in-law.

In addition to all of this, Dom Cobb’s own dream world is haunted by his late wife, Mal, played by Marion Cotillard. The new architect on Dom’s team, Ariadne, played by Ellen Page, manages to figure out that this is “haunting” Dom.

The movie is a little hard to follow and you may need to see the sequels to "Inception" to figure out all that is going on. What this movie really has going for it is its actors. Leonardo DiCaprio is the anchor of the movie in his low-key performance surrounded by all of the chaos of the film. Page is also an intelligent part of this strange tangle of reality. Murphy plays a very sympathetic figure and you will find yourself rooting for him.

Wally Pfister, cinematographor, does a beautiful job of blending reality with the surreal. Also excellent are the production designer guy Hendrix Dyas and all of the stunt designers and special effects teams. And to Lee Smith go special kudos for managing to keep all of those realities up in the air.

You may have a hard time keeping your eyes open at the end of this movie. All of this excitement and numerous realities can be very tiring!

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