Insidious Movie Review

Insidious Movie Review

New movie “Insidious” was created by Leigh Whannell and James Wan, previously known for the “Saw” franchise. This upcoming movie is more of an old fashioned ghost story about exorcists battling forces to get parents and children back together again. It’s somewhat successful and nobody seems to be bothered by the fact that there’s a little unintended comedy thrown in with the horror, but it’s not going to make the money that the “Saw” movies did.

In new movie releaseInsidious,” it’s all about ghosts – all sorts – from the scary “boo” kind to demons who show up over the shoulders of their victims.

It will surprise audiences how many of these little scares are effective. In the first hour of the movie a young couple, played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, move into a beautiful and seductively creep old house. Their son goes into a coma after a scare and then more scary stuff occurs.

The scenes in this movie picture display some odd timing and Wilson seems to stay longer and longer at work, rather than going home to take care of his family.

But there’s still a good ghost story feeling and there are plenty of creaky doors and ticking clocks to set the stage.

The funny part of the movie is (unintentionally) provided by cheap ghostbusters and a psychic, played by Lin Shaye. But after some good entertainment in the first part of “Insidious,” the second part gets boring and arbitrary.

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