Its Kind of a Funny Story Movie Review

Its Kind of a Funny Story Movie Review

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is based on a novel, written in 2006, by Ned Vizzini. It’s Vizzini’s semi-autobiographical work about a sixteen year old boy who decides to check into a mental hospital. This upcoming movie is slow-moving and sees itself as quirky but really isn’t.

The treatment of the material in this new movie release is less than fresh and seldom interesting. Zach Galifiankis, a member of the movies cast, is sensitive in his role of another patient in the hospital.

This Focus Features movie on the new movies list is billed as a comedy but audiences are going to have a hard time perceiving it as one.

Movies involving the psychiatric ward at hospitals have been popular with world filmmakers for a long time. It’s Kind of a Funny Story” is fresh in that it is seen from the point of view of a sixteen year old who calls a suicide hotline and then is told to go to the hospital.

Keir Gilchrist plays the boy, Craig Gilner, who suddenly finds himself in Brooklyn’s Argenon hospital. Since the youth ward is being renovated he finds himself on the adult floor.

Bobby, played by Galifiankis takes Craig under his wing almost immediately and Craig also finds a potential girlfriend in Noelle, played by Emma Roberts. She has many problems that manifest themselves partially in the cuts she has made to her face.

Screenwriters Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden have done well in the past with their storytelling technique but it falls flat in this box office movie.

Keir Gilchrist is not awfully good in the role of Craig. The filmmakers were looking more for a Zach Braff type but that’s not Gilchrist’s style.

Viola Davis plays the staff psychiatriat, Dr.Eden Minerva, but it’s truly not an interesting role.

Galifianakis has the one memorable role in “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”.

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