Killers Movie Review

Killers Movie Review

Will not be making a killing at the box office. Purportedly Lionsgate’s most expensive project yet, Killers exhibits a fancy European setting and lots of breakneck action. Unfortunately it seriously underplays the comedy in the script.

Ashton Kutcher plays Spencer, a professional assassin and secret agent, who woos and wins Katherine Heigl, the beautiful Jen, who is shaken by a bad breakup and traveling the French Riviera with her parents, played by Tom Selleck and Catherin O’Hara. Oddly enough, Kutcher, who seems to spend most of his time sans shirt, somehow manages to become the sex object in the movie.

Three years pass and the now married Spencer and Jen are living in suburbia. Spencer has given up killing but Jen’s and Spencer’s whole world is turned upside down when Spencer is suddenly targeted by assassins after his thirtieth birthday. Not surprisingly, chaos reigns when Spencer needs to fight off a slew of bad guys while trying to keep his marriage intact.

Although Kutcher is great to look at, he seems too young to be playing a manly Spencer and Heigl (going downhill since “Knocked Up”) is ineffective in her role as well. O’Hara doesn’t seem to be able to milk any comedy from the poor material. Selleck does better than the rest, due to his ability to downplay his role in this movie which is neither funny, nor suspenseful.

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