Knight and Day Movie Review

Knight and Day Movie Review

Knight and Day is an action movie with almost too much action. It starts with a plane crash and from there goes to highway chases, shootouts, bombings and yet more car chases. Tom Cruise plays Secret Agent Roy Miller. The romantic lead in this upcoming movie is Cameron Diaz who plays June Havens.

I say “romantic lead” tongue-in-cheek as there is, in fact, no romance in this movie. There’s no time for romance, only action, action, action. Cruise spends the entire movie leaping between moving vehicles, taking on hordes of bad guys, diving from buildings and making cute remarks to Diaz while doing so.

Time after time Cruise bumps into Diaz in the Wichita, Kansas airport. Pretty soon the viewer realizes that all of these surprise meetings are, in fact, a setup. The question is why? It’s hard to even come up with a reason for Diaz to be in the movie.

Knight and Day was directed by James Mangold and the screenplay is by Patrick O’Neill. In all probability both the writer and director counted on Cruise and Diaz’s movies box office draw to fill the theaters. Unfortunately, due to the lack of chemistry between the two, this film may bomb in theaters.

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