Legendary Movie Review

Legendary Movie Review

This is an uncomfortable upcoming movie about wrestling, made better by the acting of Patricia Clarkson who plays the mother of a teenage boy in this inspirational sports and coming of age film. She has no clue as to why her son would be so interested in the sport or why it’s fun.

This Goldwyn release is most probably destined for the home video market. Wrestler John Cena costars in this box office movie but is unlikely to draw a lot of fans from the WWE. It’s also a whole different type of movie than those in which Clarkson normally acts.

Cal, played by Devon Gray who is in “Dexter”, is not part of the popular gang at school and is bullied by a student played by Tyler Posey. Cal is unhappy because his mother and his older brother, Mike, played by John Cena, are estranged. Mike has been a big high school wrestling star as was the boy’s dead father.

Mom Sharon is not thrilled with Cal’s new interest in sports. Cal, on the other hand, is encouraged by his old friend Luli, played by Madeleine Martin, who is also in “Californication”, wants to bond with his brother, and hopes to get his family back together again.

Louisiana locations are used effectively, by Director Mel Damski and production designer Raymond Pumilia, to mimic an Oklahoma setting. There are some conundrums in this film on the new movies list. While wrestling is shown as a character builder, most of the actual wrestling parts of the film don’t have much impact.

John Posey’s script is weak. There’s lots of caring shown for the characters in this one of the movies playing now but all of the drama seems to be immediately cleared. Danny Glover plays a stranger who shows up whenever Cal needs a pep talk. Cena’s contrived last act in “Legendary” is also the best part of his performance.

It’s quite obvious in “Legendary” that the real weight of the movie is carried by Patricia Clarkson. As an actress she’s head and shoulders above the rest of the cast.

Fans of John Cena may enjoy this movie.

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