Life as We Know It Movie Review

Life as We Know It Movie Review

Upcoming movie, “Life As We Know It” may be part of an insidious plot to grow a new sitcom for next year’s TV season. This new movie release is certainly none too exciting but it does have some redeeming characteristics.

Both leads in the movies cast, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel do as much as they can in this movie on the new movies list to inject as much as they can into these bland roles. The babies (twins) that first play the infant and then the two year old are all adorable.

This one of Warner Bros. new movies titles is sure to do okay with female movie goers when it debuts. It will also probably quickly go to DVD.

Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson, writers of the screenplay, have come up with a situation where a couple dies together and wills not only their home and mortgage, but their child as well, to the child’s Godparents. They’re not even married and don’t like each other much. All of the action takes place in the same location: the home that is willed to the Godparents.

Obviously, all of the jokes are about baby things like diapers, crying, refusing to eat and lack of sleep. And finally, and expectantly, the two Godparents grow to love each other and baby Sophie as well.

The beginning of the movie is three years before the main action. Holly (Heigl) and Messer (Duhamel) meet on a blind date. Messer acts like an idiot, even though it’s a first date with a beautiful woman, and sets himself up as a playboy who rarely calls a woman back after getting her into bed.

Greg Berlanti, the director, keeps the movie on an even plain – there isn’t much comedy and there isn’t much drama. There are a couple of other actors in the movie but their roles are pretty lame. John Lucas plays a pediatrician who’s after Holly’s affections. Sarah Burns plays a social worker who is a threat to Sophie’s continuing to live with Holly and Messer.

So……you should probably wait to see this on DVD unless nothing better is playing.

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