Like Dandelion Dust Movie Review

Like Dandelion Dust Movie Review

This upcoming movie is the kind of film that works just on the edge of melodrama but never falls over the edge into that category. In fact, although Like Dandelion Dust may be showing up on cable TV pretty soon, director Jon Gunn’s new movie release is saved by four very talented members of the movies cast and their excellent performances. It also explores the interesting theme of class issues and adoption – in this case the adoption of a seven year old boy.

Like Dandelion Dust purports to be faith based (another great reason for it to show up on the Lifetime channel) but the treatment of faith is very light and will not be offensive to anyone, even the staunchest atheist.

The story is from a bestseller by writer Karen Kingsbury. It takes place in Florida and is about the fight over the adoption of Joey, played by Maxwell Perry Cotton, who is being given up for adoption by his mother, Wendy, played by Mira Sorvino. This occurs after the child’s father, Rip, played by Barry Pepper, must serve a long prison sentence after he physically abuses Wendy.

In fact, Rip doesn’t even know of Joey’s existence until he is released from prison. He decides to get his son back, even though the child is living happily in a well to do home with loving parents. The parents are Jack, played by Cole Hauser, and Molly, played by Kate Levering.

Of course, the adoptive family doesn’t want to give up the child. And Joey doesn’t even know that he’s been adopted. It is discovered during litigation that Rip didn’t sign the adoption papers himself and Jack and Molly fear that they will lose their adoptive rights to Joey.

This is a story that we’ve all heard before but the fine, nuanced performances by the actors in “Like Dandelion Dust” make this movie on the new movies list a cliff hanger. The performances are so good that sometimes the viewer won’t know who they wish would get rights to the child. And this is the factor that makes this movie well worth seeing.

Both Mira Sorvino and Kate Levering are excellent but the performaces by Hauser and Pepper are even better. Pepper plays the blue collar dad and Hauser rises above some of his past performances to share some fine acting

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