Little Fockers Movie Review

Little Fockers Movie Review

There are no redeeming characteristics to associate with new movie releaseLittle Fockers.” Sometimes a series of movies goes on one too long and this is the case with the “Fockers” franchise. This doesn’t mean that a lot of people aren’t going to go see this upcoming movie. They are. While “Little Fockers” probably won’t do especially well in movie news, there are lots of people out there looking for a few laughs during the holiday season.

Even though this one of the holiday season’s new movies is named after Greg and Pam’s twin Fockers, they aren’t seen much in the movie. In the second Fockers’ movie, “Meet the Fockers,” the attention was on Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand who play Greg Focker’s parents. In the new movie the focus is back on Greg’s difficult relationship with his father-in-law, Jack (Robert De Niro.) Jack wants Greg to become more responsible.

Jessica Alba, playing Andi Garcia, is a hot little drug company representative who, for some unnamed reason, chooses Greg to be the representative for an erectile dysfunction medication called Sustengo. This gag sets the stage for the low humor displayed in most of the rest of the film and gives the audience the idea that Greg might have a little thing going on with Andi, no Sustengo necessary.

The climax of this movie picture is the little Fockers fifth birthday party. All of the grandparents fly in for the party in Chicago – Bernie Focker, played by Dustin Hoffman, is coming in all the way from Spain where he’s studying flamenco dancing.

Greg’s rich buddy Kevin, played by Owen Wilson, gives up his upcoming wedding to a money hungry Russian bride in order to host the big party at his estate. The best part of this scene is Wilson’s makeout session with Streisand.

But don’t forget the Sustengo! Having taken a little too much, Jack must get some relief from the Sustengo effects through an injection that Greg must provide for him in the offending area. Of course, somebody catches them at it.

This movie will probably go over well with older people and even with those in retirement communities. There aren’t many fresh jokes provided by writers John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey and director Paul Weitz has the moving jumping all over the place from one scene to another. Jay Roach, director of the other two Focker movies, is just a producer on this one.

All of the actors who’ve been in the other movies know what is expected of them so they do all right. Alba, who’s new to it all, doesn’t do quite as well and looks rather ridiculous. Laura Dern also has a cameo as a director of a new age type institution called “Early Human School.”

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