The Lockout Movie Review

The Lockout Movie Review

If you can’t come up with a good new movie idea of your own, then you can always steal one and Stephen St. Leger and James Mather’s Lockout maximizes this precept without shame, unabashedly knocking-off John Carpenter’s Escape from New York and Escape from LA.

But at least Lockout is a rip-off done with polish and flair.

Snow (Guy Pearce) is a top-notch spy who ends up being framed for espionage (a rite of passage for all good men of mystery). He must then travel to the future to save the President’s daughter Emilie (Maggie Grace) from certain death given that the prisoners of a frozen prison are thawing out and are about to be unleashed to wreak havoc and destruction. Will he ever manage? Can Snow rescue Emilie and clear his good name all at once? And can he manage to hold on to his dashingly good G.I. Joe looks in the process? You probably know the answers to these questions, but you may be surprised to find that what this film lacks in originality it makes up for in sheer fun and entertainment.

It always helps a film’s cause when actors can hit the mark and Guy Peace turns in a spot-on performance. He is funny and brooding, worthy of his movie predecessor Snake Plissken. His deadpan strikes the right chord and he takes more beatings than he dishes out, but always manages to be the last man standing. Granted, it is a part that doesn’t give an actor much to work with, but Pearce is certainly able to make something from nothing and viewers do not feel suffocated by bad acting or the desire for something more--Snow is who he is and there is nothing wrong with that.

Lockout is also ripe with well-cast villains. There is Joseph Gilgun as the loose canon Hydell and Vincent Reagan as the cucumber cool yet buoyant Alex. Grace is a good damsel in distress and the chemistry between her and Pearce is believable without being nauseating. They make a pair that you can root for.

Lockout may not go down as one of the top action movies of all time, but for the most part, Lockout sails smoothly. Very little is overdone even if the plot is ridiculous--but that is to be expected from a sci-fi action thriller. People don't go to sci-fi flicks for want raw realism. Aside from the bump in the road of a motorcycle race that looks like it was ripped from Fonz, viewers of Lockout are in for a fun ride that is worth the money spent on the 95 minute escape from reality.

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