Lottery Ticket Movie Review

Lottery Ticket Movie Review

This upcoming movie, rife with African-American stereotypes, will not be keeping any movie goers on the edges of their seats. It’s the same old story of somebody who wins a whole lot of money and then finds out what all that money can do to life. Warner Bros. has set this box office movie in the projects, an unfortunate choice of settings as it seems to pick up and caricature lots of stereotypes that one might have thought would be gone in this day and age.

It looks like the movie ratings and reviews are going to set Lottery Ticket up for a big box office in urban settings that will quickly fall.

Kevin, played by rapper/actor Bow Wow, is a nice kid from the projects. Somehow he manages to win the “Mondo Millions Lottery.” What kind of luck is it that this happens immediately before the 4th of July, when lottery offices are closed, so Kevin has to sweat it out in the hood before he can cash in the ticket?

There are lots of people in the movies cast who want a piece of Kevin’s newfound fortune including his grandmother, played by Loretta Devine, his godfather, played by Keith David, a phony preacher, played by Mike Epps, the local tramp, played by Teairra Mari and a parolee, played by Gbenga Akinnagbe.

The first part of the movie is spent by Kevin walking the streets of his neighborhood, meeting everyone in the movie and trying to make it to Foot Locker, his place of employment. He’s miserable in having to deal with all these folks. Suddenly he wins the lottery and seems clueless as to what these people are really like.

His grandmother cajoles him into not telling anyone that he’s won the money just as soon as he does. She swears she’s not talking either. However, they both blurt out the news almost immediately. After that, Kevin changes.

None of the rest of the movie makes any sense. Suddenly Kevin is buddy buddy with every lowlife in the neighborhood but is suspicious of his best friend, played by Brandon T. Jackson. He’s disrespectful to his girlfriend, Naturi Naughton, as well. A thug shows up in the neighborhood and starts beating people up and brandishing weapons for no apparent reason. As a matter of fact, this action is totally out of synch with the rest of the movie.

“Lottery Ticket” is director Erik White’s first film. It’s an uncomfortable beginning. He can’t seem to get the comedy in step with the facts of the ghetto. He co-wrote the script with Abdul Williams. The action is either ridiculous slapstick or icky drama.

One of the film’s directors, Ice Cube, is the character who sets Kevin on the right path at the end of the movie. It’s too bad he couldn’t do that for the movie in general.

“Lottery Ticket” is disjointed and uncomfortable new addition to this summer’s movie titles. Don’t bother to see it unless you really need a night out.


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