Louis Movie Review

Louis Movie Review

Louis” is going to be a big movie with jazz lovers who will enjoy its early 20th century New Orleans vibe. The score, by Wynton Marsalis, is amazing and will be performed live in certain venues. It will be a treat for those who will be able to attend performances by Wynton Marsalis, pianist Cecile Licad and their ten piece ensemble of musicians. As a box office movie, it’s filmed as a black and white, silent film.

Louis Armstrong, is, of course, the “Louis” of this upcoming movies. It shows Louis as a six year old in Storyville, wishing he owned a cornet that he sees hanging in the window of a local pawn shop. This one of the movies coming soon takes place in New Orleans in 1907.

Oscar winning Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond does an amazing job with the visuals. This melodramatic piece is rife with the styles of the silent era: it’s in black and white (with a little color), jerky movement, etc. The score is all jazz from the early twentieth century or original compositions by Wynton Marsalis.

Director Dan Pritzker has paid less attention to the screenplay and the story is a bit confusing. Members of the movies cast, besides Louis, include Shanti Lowry, playing Grace, Louis’ single mother, whose job it is to sing at a local “house of ill repute” and Jackie Earle Haley plays Judge Perry.

Charlie Chaplin is Haley’s inspiration in this movie. Haley is polished in his performance and adds a new physical comedy side to his acting repertoire.

Wynton Marsalis will be performing live at different venues across the country including The Apollo Theater in Manhattan’s Harlem. These will be one night engagements. The score is sure to be a record breaker when it’s released on CD and there will be a movie sequel, “Bolden”, released in 2011.

Congratulations to the lucky few who will be able to attend one of the live performances by Marsalis!

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