Machete Movie Review

Machete Movie Review

Here’s another super violent movie to add to this summer’s list of testosterone filled box office movies. The trailer for Machete was actually part of the movie “Grindhouse”. It took Machete three years to make it to theaters.

This upcoming movie is full of ridiculously gratuitous violence, loads of gory scenes, lots of nudity, and even some political satire. If you liked the trailer don’t necessarily expect to like the movie. Three minutes of entertainment is not necessarily terribly entertaining after another hour or so. This new movie release is part of the new genre of movie that’s sometimes called “Mexploitation.”

The title character is Danny Trejo, a veteran actor who is known for playing supporting parts in movies such as “Desperado”. He is also the voice of “Grand Theft Auto” the video game and has been part of the cast of “The Young and the Restless.” This may be his best role to date. He plays a worker in Texas who was once a Mexican Federale whose wife and child have been killed by a drug lord, played by Steven Seagal.

Machete manages to get himself in the midst of an immigration problem when he attempts to assassinate a Texas State Senator played by Robert DeNiro.

He then goes on the lam and is chased by other members of the movies cast including Don Johnson who plays a vigilante out to get him. He has friends as well including Cheech Marin who plays his brother, a priest. Jessica Alba plays Machete’s girlfriend.

Really, this movie in theaters now is nothing but a vehicle for constant action and non-ending violence. Machete kills his opponents with whatever sharp instrument is on hand, including a weedwhacker. There are some real B movie gory moments, such as when Machete goes down the side of a building, using a victim’s own intestines as his “rope.”

Director Rodriquez has really gone out of his way to make this film look like something out of the seventies. The variety of the cast makes sure that there is some actor that everyone will enjoy – from Don Johnson to Lindsay Lohan. Trejo is not very convincing as a romantic lead.

"Machete" is looking to have some impact on society with a few visual comments on intolerance and immigration. Whether this will work is yet to be seen. There are two sequels promised.

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