Mars Needs Moms Movie Review

Mars Needs Moms Movie Review

Robert Zemeckis really utilizes his performance capture system, which turns life-action into animation, in new movieMars Needs Moms.” The human and the Martian characters in this upcoming movie fall through space, slide, chase each other through corridors, turn quickly, dance, and and jump into caves made of trash. The process has improved to the point where the weird faces, like those in “The Polar Express,” which was Zemeckis’ first shot at performance capture, have been replaced by more normal looking faces. A lot about this system is getting better – including the design and a lot of details. This makes one wonder why movie picture “Mars Needs Moms” is so insignificant.

Zemeckis has used this technique primarily for children’s movie’s, with the exception of “Beowulf.” The technical advances in “Beowulf” ran towards “Avatar” but new movie release “Mars Needs Moms” is more reminiscent of a ride at Disneyworld.

This movie comes from ImageMovers Digital, a company owned by Zemeckis and Walt Disney Pictures. It was filmed on accommodating screens and will be projected in Imax 3D and Disney Digital 3D. Younger family members will be thrilled. There isn’t much in this movie to interest teenagers or anyone older.

It will be interesting to see how this movie does up against Rango, a movie that appeals to adults as well as younger audience members, which will be in its second week during Mars’ first week. Zemeckis is missing out by only making his films appealing to children.

“Mars needs Moms” is one up on another Zemickis film, “A Christmas Carol.” It does emotions much better. It’s based on a novel for children, by Berkeley Breathed, which was inspired by a child’s complaints about his nagging mother. The movie is about a mom being kidnapped by Martians and her rescue by her son and is full of emotion. It talks about all the things that moms do for their kids.

The director is Simon Wells, known as director of “The Time Machine” and co-director of “The Prince of Egypt.” He and his wife, Wendy, co-directed this new movie.

The movie centers around nine-year-old Milo. He’s acted by Seth Green and voiced by an eleven-year-old named Seth Dusky. Joan Cusack plays the mom but she’s kidnapped for most of the movie so the bigger roles belong to Dan Folger, a very funny guy who’s a techie named Gribble, and the other human on Mars, Elisabeth Harness who plays Ki, who is a rebellious Martian who learned to speak English watching old sit-coms. Mindy Sperling plays the humorless Martian leader.

Doug Chiang, designer, obviously enjoyed playing around with the Red Planet by giving Martians triangular heads, no noses, and odd bodies. Women run Mars and men get thrown around with the garbage – it seems that Mars doesn’t need men.

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