MegaMind Movie Review

MegaMind Movie Review

Movie news has it that “Megamind” is the second animated new movie release of 2010 in which the bad guy sees that he’s doing wrong. “Megamind” is a really good time!

This new movie is a 3D feature that’s designed for the wide screen by director Tim McGrath – known for his successful “Madagascar” films. This one of November’s movies playing now is from Dreamworks but manages to avoid some of Dreamworks obvious show business references and cheap shots. Movie reviews are making it look like this release by Paramount is going to do well with general audiences through the end of 2010 and there will undoubtedly be a sequel.

There are lots of role reversals in “Megamind”. Main characters tend to exchange personalities or turn out to be someone other than who they appear to be. The title character is blue and has a pointy chin. It seems that he’s from another planet and that he and another toddler fell to earth one day, one landing in a fabulous mansion and the other in jail. Little vignettes show that Megamind and Metro Man, his toddler friend, have vied with each other since childhood: Metro Man for good and Megamind for evil.

Everyone loves Metro Man, played by Brad Pitt, and he is honored with a Metro Man Museum. Will Ferrell plays Megamind. Tina Fey plays a TV newscaster named Roxanne. She’s sexy and shapely and very reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon in her role in “Monsters vs. Aliens”.

It looks like Megamind has finally taken control away from Metro Man but once the city is his to rule he doesn’t know what to do with his power. He has no rival! So Megamind gets hold of some of Metro Man’s DNA and attempts to create a rival out of Roxanne’s fat cameraman, Hal, played by Jonah Hill. Hal is fast to adopt evil ways in order to make up for all of the torment he’s received throughout his life.

So now Megamind has to become a good guy in order to have Hal become his rival! His new disguise is as the red-haired Titan.

Brent Simons and Alan J. Schoolcraft, writers of Megamind, manage to wring a lot of fun out of the somewhat washed up superhero genre of movies with “Megamind.” The characters are fun and all of the changing of roles keeps the film fresh.

The director really goes that extra mile with the visual parts of the film, particularly the 3D. It’s so gracefully done that after a while the audience forgets that the movie is even a 3D movie. This is one of the best 3D animated movies ever!

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