Men in Black 3 Movie Review

Men in Black 3 Movie Review

It is not always easy to do movie sequels; we’ve all seen how badly they can fail—just think of Battle of the Planet of the Apes. Thus, the third installment in the Men in Black series has left many people skeptical as to whether or not it can live up to the original (given that part 2 was so dismal), but remember: the third time can be a charm. And Men in Black 3 breathes new life into the Will-Smith-kicks-alien-butt franchise— it may even end up being one of the top ten action movies this summer.

Etan Cohen writes and Barry Sonnenfeld directs and together they create a new movie that audiences will thoroughly enjoy, notwithstanding some cheesiness and full-on moments of implausibility. Will Smith reprises his role as Agent J and this time Josh Brolin is thrown into the mix as a young Agent K—who knew Josh Brolin could do such a dead-on impression of Tommy Lee Jones?

The beginning of the film introduces us to the villain “Boris the Animal” (Jermain Clement) the intergalactic criminal Agent K arrested in 1969 and whose species was prevented from invading Earth and has now become extinct. Boris wants revenge and he gets his chance by breaking free from his prison cell on the moon.

Long story short: Agent J has to go back in time and save Agent K from Boris, who has also traveled back in time for his revenge, a revenge that would result in the invasion and destruction of earth. Agent J teams up with the young Agent K, who is played by Brolin and who is maybe the highlight of the film; we even have the chance to emotionally connect with him. To add to the film’s actor prowess, the ever charming Emma Thompson appears as the new MiB chief Agent O.

While there are many moments in the new action movie that are not high art or high intelligence, a trip back to the swinging 60’s is always a good time and MiB 3 does a good job of subtly conveying those radical time with low-tech alien fighting gear and sprinkles of pop culture references. The dialogue is clever and the plot is engaging enough to make up for its weak spots. MiB 3 may not live up to the creativity of the original, but it still worth your money—just lean back, suspend your disbelief and enjoy the comedy, gross aliens and explosions.

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