Middle Men Movie Review

Middle Men Movie Review

Luke Wilson stars in this upcoming movie about the rise of the Internet porn industry. It’s a stimulating fictional account that will inevitably be compared to “Boogie Nights” but does just fine on its own.

Other members of the movies cast, Giovanni Ribisi, Gabriel Macht and James Caan keep the energy flowing during the whole movie, even when Luke Wilson seems to slow down.

Christopher Mallick, the producer of "Middle Men", used his own experiences in the Internet porn field of the late ‘90s and the last ten years for inspiration for the film. You can tell that he’s also considering spinning an HBO series from this box office movie.

In the beginning of the movie, Giovanni Ribisi and Macht, who play a couple of drug addicted slackers, figure out how to distribute porn around the world using a credit card.

Once they decide that they’re going to have to start making their own movies, they get themselves in trouble with the Russian mafia.

Luke Wilson plays Jack Harris, a family man type, who comes into the business to clean it up and ends up involved in the porn business himself. As Wilson takes over, Ribisi and Macht’s presence decreases and so does the pace of the movie.

Wilson does well but he doesn’t show a lot of spirit – his character is too plodding – and the movie starts plodding along too. He is also the voice of a voice over narration that is never really needed.

Kelsey Grammar and Robert Forster have brief cameos that bring a little excitement to this one of this summer’s movies playing now: "Middle Men."

George Gallo is the director, screenwriters are George Gallo and Andy Weiss. The producers are Chistopher Mallick, William Sherak, Jason Shuman and Michael J. Weiss.

Middle Men is rated R and runs for 105 minutes.

This movie may not be too zippy but it’s an interesting look at an interesting phenomenon.

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